Sports people recover quickly after surgery

Sports can support the person who is preparing to undergo a surgical operation. Well-trained people recover much faster.

We begin to actively engage in sports in order to prepare your figure for the beach season, however, going to the gym the day before a complex surgical operation seem to be somewhat odd decision. But it does have significant benefits, the study showed scientists from the University of Nottingham. They found that well-trained people not only seem to tolerate such operations, but still much faster and better. In addition, those patients who are friends with the sport, celebrated, and fewer operative and postoperative complications.

The researchers emphasize that any surgery puts the human body severe stress due to hormonal indicators of activation of the immune and sympathetic nervous system at the same time. Huge number of patients after surgery experience complications, more prolonged hospitalization or re-admission to the hospital simply because they did not exercise, smoked or had weight. Training not only improves health of the whole person, but also helps him recover faster after surgery.

The most valuable is that hope for a more rapid recovery have not only the people who for years have visited the gym. If you have planned surgery, to be held in a few months, it is better all these months to devote to an intensive physical training. In other words, people can prepare to greatly lower the risk of complications and speed up rehabilitation. (READ MORE)