Products “for the mind”: how to become smarter and more attentive

Alas, there is no such dishes, which immediately would increase IQ. But with power you can activate already existing resources. If there is an important project, just add these foods into the diet:


It is contained in coffee, chocolate, energy drinks and some medications. But be careful: a burst of activity can end after a couple of hours. But if you overdo it with caffeine will become lethargic and irritable.


Glucose is fuel for the brain. But it is necessary to proceed with caution: if there is too much sugar, memory can deteriorate. But in addition also increase the risk of developing chronic diseases. The who recommends to be limited to 25-50 grams a day.


The brain is 60% fat and fish rich in omega-3. If the diet is not enough, disrupted neurons, slowed the process of information transmission from cell to cell.

Chocolate with nuts

In nuts and seeds high in vitamin E. some research suggests that it supports the brain, the aging of the body.

Well, bitter chocolate contains caffeine – it turns out useful for the concentration of a snack. Just do not overdo it: 30 grams per day would be sufficient to get all the nutrients, but not to overload the body with unnecessary sugar and carbohydrates.


Studies on animals show that blueberries protect the brain from free radicals. And it reduces the effects of senile dementia and improves learning ability in older rats.

Avocados and whole grains

Every organ in your body depends on blood flow. The brain, too, so it needs products that stimulate blood circulation. With this task perfectly cope avocados and whole grains (look for that word on the packaging of pasta, bread, cereals and flour).

Vitamins, minerals or nutritional supplements?

The shelves of pharmacies are full of all sorts of “improvers of health.” Indeed, the B vitamins, C, E, beta-carotene and magnesium affect the brain and increase intelligence. But only if you have a deficit.

Some scientists also say that ginseng, Ginkgo, minerals and herbs can benefit. But so far evidence for their effectiveness is insufficient. So before buying the systems “for the mind”, consult your doctor.

To improve concentration and attention, experts also advise to do this:

  • To sleep;
  • Drink plenty of water;
  • Sports;
  • Meditate – it clears your mind and helps to relax.

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