It became known as to detect skilled liars

Liars is much harder to recognize than we think. And yet scientists have discovered exactly how speaking a lie people give themselves.

Many of us believe that lying person is easy to recognize, but this is a mistake. People who often lie, you know how to avoid the most obvious signs of lying, like refusing to look in her eyes and fidgeting, the study showed scientists from the University of Edinburgh. The authors found that professional liars know very well about all the classic signs of a person who tells the truth, so they avoid them to demonstrate almost on instinct. However, to recognize the liar does not need to look for these obvious signs. There are some other characteristics that will help us to know that someone speaks the truth.

In particular, liars often use drawing words and sounds like “ooh” or “uh” because lies are the course of the story, they often adjust themselves right in the middle of sentences. Sometimes they suddenly fall silent or start talking about something first, their proposal is more long and complicated. From telling lies man, you notice more frequent movements of the head, hands or shoulders, they often smile or laugh.

Of course, we cannot exclude that professional liars know about these symptoms, and therefore, they try their best to honestly look into the eyes of the people they speak lies, and cleverly disguise. The authors of the study in experiments have found that truly professional liars almost impossible to identify. Only a very experienced master for some characteristic eye movements, subtle twists of the head or other subtle signs can guess if they’re hearing the truth or a lie. (READ MORE)