Help not to hurt the most useful products for the body

Dieticians from great Britain made and published a list of the most useful products for the body. The use of these products helps a person not to get sick: they contain substances that contribute to the recovery of the body and cure many diseases, including chronic and mental health.

He headed the list of the most useful products for the body celery and peanut butter. Celery contains in its composition of apigenin – a substance that provides the human body the effect of the antidepressant. Due to the influence of apigenin decreases stress, reduces feeling of anxiety and restlessness, there is peace. In addition, celery is rich in b vitamins, provitamin a, vitamin K, vitamin E and ascorbic acid, and valuable amino acids essential oils and trace elements. Scientists say that as a busy valuable for the body and the health elements of the product almost impossible to find.

Also, it helps people not get sick of nut butter that contains essential for the normal functioning of the brain proteins and fats. This product has antioxidant effect, reduces the level of inflammation in the body, reduces levels of cholesterol and blood sugar.

In addition, a list of the most useful for body products includes:
– miso soup
– avocado,
– eggs,
– cashew nuts,
– rye bread
a stew of meat,
– chocolate
green leafy salad.

According to scientists, eating these products helps to not be sick, because it improves ability of a body to recover. In addition,they contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, improve the blood circulation of the brain and stimulate the metabolism.

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