A new threat of seafood

Researchers from Baptist University of Hong Kong found dangerous quality of the seafood to absorb chemicals from the sunscreens. According to scientists, the penetration of these chemicals into the human body can become a factor in the development of infertility and cancer ailments.

The authors of the study in 2013 collected samples of sea water from 30 regions on the coast of Hong Kong. They also studied the organisms of the seafood gathered from seven farms, fish, shrimp, oysters and other seafood. In all samples of sea water and seafood they had discovered traces of potentially hazardous chemical substances.

In particular, we are talking about filters UV radiation present in sunscreens to absorb or block solar radiation. According to scientists, the greatest concentration of UV filters in seawater and seafood different samples, collected in areas close to areas with beaches and sewage systems.

The researchers noted that these chemicals cause abnormalities and high mortality in Zebra fish whose genetic structure is similar to that of humans. The authors admit that fall in the sea and seafood ingredients of the sunscreen cosmetic, can pose a special risk to human health, causing various abnormalities in the body.

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