A new discovery of scientists: “owls” suffer from breast cancer more often than “larks”

To such conclusion came researchers from Bristol University, after they analyzed genetic information from more than 400 thousand women. Experts selected 341 the DNA fragment responsible for the tendency to the way of life of an owl or a lark. And then examined how they relate to the risk of developing the disease, regardless of other harmful factors: tobacco, alcohol , etc.

The results showed that out of 100 women two owls suffer from breast cancer. But out of 100 larks – the only one. The researchers also found that the habit to sleep a little longer also can badly affect the health. Women who carry out in bed for more than 7-8 hours, increase the chance of developing breast cancer by 20% with each additional hour.

While the study’s author and researcher, Integrative program of cancer epidemiology Rebecca Richmond said that it is too early to give women any advice on this matter. Exactly how sleep affects the development of the disease, scientists have yet to figure out. This may be due to stress, that working owls because of frequent lack of sleep. Or the fact that the violation of the body’s internal clock affects hormone levels. And he, in turn, causes breast cancer.

However, this conclusion corresponds to the findings of older studies.

Rebecca believes that they have made an important discovery, because to change this habit (and, hence, reduce the likelihood of developing cancer) people can own. And her colleagues reported that they had received an important argument in favor of the theory that sleep is a key component of our health.

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