5 products available from hypertension

According to the latest who recommendations, numbers blood pressure more than 120/80 is a sign that your health and lifestyle need to pay attention. Doctors suggest in this case to include in your diet simple and useful products.

In particular, those who are facing high blood pressure should consume potatoes in their skins. This product, according to experts, contains large amounts of potassium and magnesium, well-known as stabilizers of pressure.

In addition, you cannot give up milk. The experts stated that daily consumption of just one serving of dairy products reduces the risk of developing hypertension by 11%.

Also to prevent hypertension effectively cocoa. Held in Australia, the study ended with a verdict of scientists that the products containing natural cocoa powder, improve the condition of blood vessels due to the contained flavonoids and thereby lowering pressure. Data Harvard experts suggest that the darker the chocolate is even helpful to those who have already exactly have high blood pressure.

For those who may be at hypertension, you need to eat bananas. Their use eliminates the harmful effects of eating salt is the main food of the enemy at elevated pressure. In addition, the diet for hypertension should include legumes.

Earlier Magicforum wrote about the fact that eating legumes helps to lose weight without any drastic changes in dietary habits and protects against heart disease.