5 most dangerous products from the category cheap

Cheap food usually buy out of savings – but how much is really economical when you consider all the consequences of its use? Who experts called cheap. But it is very dangerous in its influence on health products.

A list of the most dangerous food category led the cheap sausages. The low cost of these products – a sure sign that the product contains the very least of the meat. At the same time in a cheap sausage and sausages many potentially carcinogenic substances, regular contact with which in the body can lead to the development of cancer. In particular, who with the use of such sausage linked the occurrence of cancer of the genitourinary and digestive systems.

Second place went to cheap products. The most dangerous ingredients present in their composition are phosphates and TRANS fats. Excess phosphates in the body inevitably leads to a shift in the balance of phosphorus and calcium weakens the bones, adversely affects the nervous system and dramatically increases the risk of heart attack. With high probability of vascular pathologies due to the use of TRANS fats.

Also, experts noted, can not be cheap cheese – low price light-weight supplements margarine, the use of which is fraught with disorders in the cardiovascular system. Very dangerous and cheap sweets, and cakes: these products almost always contains the high amount of various additives, ranging from dyes and flavor enhancers to TRANS fats and cheap oils, dramatically worsening the condition of the vessel.

Were in the top five of these food and cheap canned fish. According to who experts, this fish can be heavy metals entering the product due to oxidation of the metal containers. Heavy metals can provoke the development of cancer.

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