Young people the most envious

The answer to the question about what the people are envious, introduced the study, researchers from the US, interviewed several hundred people. They came to the conclusion that the most envious people are the representatives of young generations.

Most envious people – young people, but as you age, the sharpness of the sensations zavistic lower, said experts. Young people are most likely jealous peers, the people close in age – usually close friends or relatives. What makes the young men jealous? In most cases, it’s three about – prosperity, occupation, success in love.

According to psychologist from Tilburg University Niels van de Vienna, envy comes in two forms. Soft form, when envy motivates people to improve, to grow and to achieve less good results. The hard form is expressed in aggressive behavior toward the object of envy and gloating over the misfortunes of others.

In adulthood, scientists believe that the most envious people – this person with low self-esteem, experiencing more negative range of emotions and may suffer in connection with envy from severe depression. Happy life of the people much better control their envy, the researchers said.

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