The top 6 most harmful myths about senile dementia

Experts exposed some of the popular myths associated with senile dementia. Because of them, people delay visits to the doctor and setting the correct diagnosis.

Worldwide from senile dementia in one or other form affects more than 50 million people. The most common form is Alzheimer’s disease, and only in Russia there live over a million people. The disease is incurable, it is steadily progressing, deprives people of memory and independence. Malaise is caused by accumulation of toxic proteins in the brain, damaging connections between nerves, which gradually turns off the entire area of the body. Although dementia neither win nor slow not, it is possible to live normally for several years after diagnosis.

There are many myths associated with a diagnosis of dementia, because of which people are afraid to visit doctors. For example, it is assumed that after the installation of the diagnosis the person must immediately give up driving a car. He needs to quit his job and friends and family will now treat him differently. There is a view that senile dementia immediately deprives a person of liberty in decision-making, so he will need to find a lawyer or close relative who will henceforth be managing the funds. Finally, many believe that a diagnosis of dementia almost always means immediate memory problems.

As mentioned above, all of these are myths, not reality. In most cases, from diagnosis to the really serious memory problems, runs from 5 to 7 years, during which time people can maintain a relative independence and continue to enjoy your favorite things. It should not be forgotten that each year hosts dozens of scientific studies that are designed to search for a medicine against this terrible disease. And every passing year brings us closer to the time when dementia will still be able to heal or at least to turn into a chronic disease like diabetes. (READ MORE)