Scientists have identified a link between walking speed and risk of premature death

Scientists from the University of South Carolina found that walking speed may indicate the likelihood of a premature death. According to a press release published in MedicalXpress, the faster the walking pace of the person, the better his health.

“Indeed the probability of death can be determined by how quickly there is a man,” said one of the authors, Professor Christina Dieli-Conrat.

She noted that this indicator allows to judge the state of the nervous system and the development of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, surgeons feel that the speed of human movement can be used to identify patients predisposed to complications after surgery on the heart.

However, the researchers emphasized that a slow gait is not talking about the risk of imminent death, she indicates the approximate biological age of a person. If a person loses his speed and his gait slowed, it indicates the occurrence of health problems.

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