Scientists have described an effective remedy for heart diseases

Scientists were able to prove the usefulness of medicines and food additives based on fish oils in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

American scientists summarized the results of two large-scale long-term studies of the effect of drugs with the use of unsaturated fatty acids omega-3.

In the first study (under the abbreviation REDUCE IT published in the New England journal of Medicine) involving more than eight thousand people. Participants were divided into two groups — the first used a derivative of omega-3 fatty acids, the second — a placebo. It turned out that people who are already diagnosed of heart disease, less likely to have died from heart attacks and strokes if taken for two grams of kosapet ethyl (Vascepa drug) and other lipid-lowering drugs. It is noted that the sponsor of the study-pharmaceutical company Amarin, which produces the drug.

The second trial (VITAL) were related to drug Lovaza. In this study, doctors followed the condition of almost 26 thousand study participants on average for five years. The results showed that taking this medication by 28% reduced risk of heart attack.

The survey also said that people who consumed less than two servings of fish per week are less likely to suffer from acute diseases of the cardiovascular system, if you are taking medication on the basis of unsaturated fatty acids.

Lead author, head of the Department of preventive medicine at the hospital of Peter briana in Boston (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) Joan Manson called the results “promising”, but at the same time noted that they are not enough in order to recommend people the appropriate preparations. At the same time, they are safe, therefore, patients already receiving such medications, “there is no reason to stay,” added the medic.