How to quit Smoking and not start again. Expert opinions

Smokers usually more than once trying to quit Smoking, because the first attempt is rarely. In the US, for example, the pernicious habit of trying to say goodbye to half of them, but manages only 7%.

Nicotine causes physical dependence, but there are many social and psychological factors that affect the success of attempts to quit.

Women often re-take the cigarette, because you start to gain weight. John Dani (Dani John) the school of medicine Perelman University of Pennsylvania (Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania) savethumbnails women and men during the struggle with the desire to have a smoke to vent the tension in physical activity, not food.

Running, walking or yoga are great alternatives. I know people who are at work and began to walk up the stairs instead of out to the Parking lot to smoke a cigarette, says Dani.

Thomas Paine (Thomas Payne), Director of the Center for treatment of addiction to tobacco at the University of Mississippi (University of Mississippi) argues that moments of extreme tension and stress often play a role in the fact that people are once again beginning to smoke.

Stress undermines our struggle, as it intensifies your urge to smoke, says Payne.

According to him, the chances of quitting Smoking are increased if a man is a good getting enough sleep at night, but attempts to relieve the stress with a glass of wine or beer can only make the problem worse.

Studies show that smokers increases the likelihood that they will actually be able to quit Smoking if they consult with experts, use of helplines, use of nicotine substitutes in the form of chewing gum, patches and tablets as well as specialized medical drugs. However, according to Payne, these funds need to continue to use at least three months (and preferably six) after you quit Smoking.

Treat these funds as antibiotics. You need to take them even if you feel fine, – he explains.

Quitters should also not succumb to the popular myth that one cigarette will not hurt.

Once turns then once every two weeks, then once a week, and soon quit Smoking again smoke. In the same way people smoke and for the first time, says Payne.

He also advises not to despair if you failed the first time to quit for failure need to be ready. Payne also advises to weigh and assess the factors that prevented you from quitting Smoking, to overcome them next time.

Experts say that every day, week and month, during which a man smokes increases his chances to get rid of this addiction forever.

The risk of Smoking relapse is always present, but the biggest risk is the first two weeks, and after three months the risk of relapse to Smoking is greatly reduced, says Payne.

On materials of the American Heart Association.

Dmitry Kolesnik