Erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction – satellites

In the adult entertainment business one in four women suffers from sexual dysfunction, while half of the men to achieve an erection relies on medication. This is indicated by two original research conducted by the urologist Dubinom Justin (Justin Dubin) from the University of Miami (University of Miami).

Special attention was paid to the influence of pornography on the people who watch it, but no one paid any attention to the sexual function of the people who perform it, said Dr. Dubin.

Erectile dysfunction treatment (among the patients, there are porn actors) is part of his work: I often see patients who are young and healthy, they should not be sexual dysfunction, but it is. It’s worrisome. A false idea about how they should act based on what they look.

The first study, jointly with Dr. Ranjit Ramasamy (Ramasamy Ranjith), was published in April of this year in The Journal of Urology the American neurological Association (American Neurological Association). It was attended by 100 men at the age from 28 to 45 years.

More than a third of them had clinical erectile dysfunction; 69% used a tablet at work, and 58% during both work and personal reasons. Most consumer tablets Viagra (84%) were young men aged 20-29 years.

In the second study, presented in October at the conference of the American society of reproductive medicine (American Society for Reproductive Medicine), involved 100 women, whose average age amounted to 34года.

Sexual dysfunction (pain during sex, low libido and difficulty with orgasm) were detected in 24% of women. They reported low levels of satisfaction in all conditions. Whereas in the absence of sexual dysfunction women get satisfaction at home normal, homosexual or bisexual way.

Thus, GCD [female sexual dysfunction] is not often the result of the work: There are many more factors, so it is difficult to identify individual features when it comes to GSD.

Justin Dubin concludes that erectile dysfunction is usually caused by work, whereas women’s problems are rather natural health. From them may be suffering from any women, not only porn actress.

Overall, these studies are of great social importance. On the one hand, they help to solve problems of this kind do performers. Michael Stabile (Michael Stabile), communications Director Free Speech Coalition (a nonprofit trade Association of the pornography and adult entertainment industry in the USA), called it a good initiative, because the industry depends on the performers, and we know that healthier performers are better able to do their job.

On the other hand, decrease the level of anxiety among the rest of the population, which often develop sexual problems because of the apparent private insolvency. In the General population not so much sex, almost with the same frequency or nearly the same amount of time, so you can compare yourself with professionals useless.

When we get the understanding about their work, what they do and how it affects them, this understanding can help with perceptions, it will help go a long way to address growing trends in sexual dysfunction of both genders, concluded Justin Dubin.

Valeria SEMA