Attention Parents! Baby food recalled due to overdose of minerals

This special food for children poses health risks

The Federal office for consumer protection and food safety, and the manufacturer, Nestlé Health Science to warn to the time before the baby food, the overdosed mineral can contain substances. This can, according to Nestlé to adverse health effects in the babies. It is the “Alfamino special food for children”. Parents should not give their children the affected products for human consumption.

The manufacturer “Nestlé Health Science” calls back to the baby food “Alfamino special food for children”. The affected products the minimum durability date is January 2020 and the batch code 80250346GA. “Consumers can recognize the defective product according to the preparation of a green-gray appearance,” writes Nestlé in a consumers information on the company’s website.

Special food for children with allergies

As Nestlé reported, the product is a special food for the dietary nutrition in severe cases of cow’s milk protein Allergy, food Allergy or food intolerances. Anyone who has bought the “Alfamino special food for children” with the minimum durability date is January 2020 and the batch code 80250346GA already, and this can be given in any pharmacy and get the purchase price refunded. According to the manufacturer, only the above-mentioned Batch is affected by the recall. Other baby milk products were in the usual quality.

Warning: health hazards for the infant