95-year-old crashes social welfare recipient – then only 5 photos and stuffed animals remain you from your old life

After the 95-year-old Adelheid. o. from Berlin, was overthrown last summer, her life changed drastically. Today, you still remember a hand full of photos and stuffed animals of the past and what you once had. However, her new life also has advantages.

Adelheid O., until Recently, lived alone and without any contacts in your apartment in Berlin Friedenau. For many years she was completely alone, because her beloved husband, Heinz-Boris died before 21, and her daughter ten years ago, such as “image” reported. Contact to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren she had. The only constant in her life was her 148-square-metre apartment in an old building, which had been 60 years of your familiar home and she had renovated with her husband at the time, lovingly.

After her fall last summer, decided not the Doctors in the hospital, together with your state’s carers, that Adelheid would be able to live on my own and life. They had, according to the “image” to your 95. Birthday said: “the home I never go!” Nevertheless, she did follow the advice of the Doctors and gave up her apartment.

She misses her familiar Home

She now lives in a nursing home in Dahlem on 25 square meters, as the news portal wrote. From your bed you have a view on five family photos that remind you of your former life and your four favorite stuffed animals. These items are now lined up on the windowsill, are all that is left.

Also if you enjoy the Green view out of her window, she admitted to “image”: “I’m not Happy here. I have no one to Talk to. Many patients can no longer even talk, like the woman in my room. But at home, I’m lonely.“ She misses her familiar Home, and your furniture. Their coach, Jürgen D., said: “Mrs. o. is a social assistance recipient. She has in the month of 112 euros pocket money.“ A home in which you would be able to take your familiar things, she could not afford. So your apartment has been vacated and empty, and a house management.

She had a great desire

However, has improved her health considerably, since she lives in the home. She has lost 20 pounds and know the quick availability of Doctors and nurses to appreciate. “Apparently, I’m treated here medically better,” she said, compared to “image”. That she has lost a lot of weight, is mainly due to the fact that you lose all the water in the legs. Her legs were so severely inflamed that she could move only with a Walker and in great pain.

She had, however, a great desire: she wanted to man, of the grave of her. To enable this to her, helped some Volunteers together and Alice could still visit her beloved Heinz-Boris.