The transition to winter time in Ukraine to 2018

Twice a year we’re moving the clock hands, moving to summer and winter time.The transition to winter time 2018 will take place in Ukraine on 28 October. It was in the night on Sunday we are putting the clock back one hour. Dateperiod to winter time in Ukraine was approved 22 years ago. So we have already got used to Wake up an hour later on the last Sunday of October.

In 2018 more clocks to winter time

The date when daylight saving to winter time in Ukraine, approved long ago, the new 2018 we follow this rule in recent times.And the last mandatory change to summer time on 31 March 2019.

According to the decision of the European Union with the following, 2019, daylight saving time is canceled. 80% of respondents supported the abolition of the clock.

To ensure a smooth transition, the Commission gives the member States time until April 2019. Day or rather, night, when the you, is also unlikely to miss (unless you are somewhere far from civilization), as reported by this date the population necessarily and in advance.

The medical aspect of the transition to winter time

What is the impact on health translation of the shooter, is still unknown. From the point of view of medicine, the harm from this manipulation was not significantly proven, although doctors admit that there’s an adjustment period to transition to the new time (one week or more). Many experts noted that this period is hard enough.

For example, it is known that the number of ambulance calls during this period increases significantly. Some doctors say it is the time of exacerbation of chronic diseases among their patients, and even the occurrence of depression.

Risk groups

Especially not tolerate this period, children, the elderly, patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and hypertension. This is due to the fact that as a result of switching to a different time, disturbed cycle of sleep and wakefulness, which, in turn, entails disruption of important systems: immune, hormonal, cardiovascular.

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The effect on the health of the transition to a new time

What to do during the hands on winter time? First of all it is not necessary to create additional stress, terrified of this event. Need more good care of their health, to try to limit the load (long periods of sitting at a television or computer screen, incidentally, is also a serious challenge for our body);

    • Need to spend more time outdoors.
    • Balance meals (include in your diet more vegetables, cut back on alcohol, don’t abuse of strong tea or coffee);
    • Add vitamin C (if no contraindications);
    • If you are taking any medications (especially hormonal) will discuss the time of their appointment with the doctor. There are some cases when medication needs to be adjusted;
    • The period of adaptation to the transition to winter time (first week or two)increase night time sleep by one hour. Moreover, it is a night’s sleep. Attempts to replace night sleep day in vain. A short rest in the afternoon, of course, also useful, but it can’t replace night.