'I know already I have a wilful girl on my hands' – Kathryn Thomas plans to play tough on parenting

RTE presenter Kathryn Thomas has said she already plans to be a strict parent to her daughter Ellie – and “won’t be for turning” on certain issues.

The Ireland’s Fittest Family presenter welcomed Ellie into the world on March 24.

The star said she and her fiancé Padraig McLoughlin plan to be strict parents during Ellie’s teenage years.

“I was a difficult teenager at times, myself. Equally, parents are just annoying when you’re 11 or 12,” Thomas told VIP magazine.

“I’m going to be a strict parent and I already know that and I won’t be for turning with phones and nights out, because I know what I was like, and I know already I have a wilful girl on my hands.”

“Padraig will be strict too. I’m fully aware that Ellie will hate me, many times over.”

Most of all, Kathyrn said she hopes her little girl will travel and will never be afraid to be herself.

 “I hope she’s strong and stands up for what she believes in. And I hope she’s not afraid to be herself,” she said.

“I’ve never been afraid to be myself or speak my mind and I’ve always been pretty happy in my own skin, and to be able say that even is great.”

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