Why on the cold red leather?

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Causes of redness of the skin

How to get rid of skin redness

You go outside in cold weather and you instantly blush cheeks. Oh, that’s nice, because makeup artists never cease to repeat: there is nothing more beautiful than a natural blush. Due to this, the face becomes fresher and more beautiful.

However, some people have not formed a pretty blush, and serious reddening of the skin. It may even scare you, because not every cosmetic product is able to hide this effect. In this article we will talk about the causes of redness on the skin and how to combat this effect.

Causes of redness of the skin

Autumn and winter rare person manages to avoid redness in the street. According to experts, is not a normal skin condition.

“Redness is a signal of distress your skin. It shows you that something is wrong,” explains SELF new York dermatologist Dennis gross.

Usually, when getting outside in the cold season the skin becomes red. But once a person is in the room where it is warm, it is returned to its natural state. It takes only a few minutes. In particular, this problem is worrying people with neproblemny skin. But despite the fact that it is typical for many people, this does not mean that I do not have anything to do with this anomaly.

Many people have a reasonable question: why the skin turns red, if the vessels are narrowed? Indeed, the first blood pours from the external of the skin in order to keep the interior warm. And after the body even more freezes, it will tend to warm those frozen areas of the skin. Therefore, in the capillaries and blood vessels begins to flow more blood, they expand. Thus will be protected from frostbite.

The reasons that lead to redness of the skin include dryness and extreme temperatures. In addition to redness will appear, and peeling.

In addition, precipitating factors may include alcohol, a large number of too spicy food in the diet. If the person engaged in fitness or sports in the fresh air, the redness of the skin can deteriorate.

“The skin is a barrier between us and the outside world. In winter it becomes dry and, as a consequence, much more sensitive,” says Dr. Hale.

This information you need to keep in mind. Especially for those who prefer not to care for your skin. Because the skin is not always able to cope with the problem and can not protect itself.

How to get rid of skin redness

At different ages, under different conditions, the skin may behave differently. So if five years ago you didn’t get red leather in the cold, it does not mean that this autumn or winter will be the same. Besides, there are various factors affecting the skin condition, which is not prettier with every passing year. For example, retinoids, alpha-gidrokshikislotu, benzoylperoxide and salicylic acid in high concentrations lead to irritation and redness. It will be noticeable as soon as you go out on the street and subjected to low temperatures.

Interestingly, the skin can react not only redness. People with darker skin, as a rule, faced with dull colors. After applying various cosmetics can be felt discomfort and tightness.

Therefore, dermatologists recommend to adhere to certain rules to prevent redness and to deal with them if they are already formed. Here are some useful tips for all.

First, gradually move to a more gentle cleanser for the face. It is better to take for sensitive or prone to allergic skin reactions.

Second, use a denser moisturizer with the nourishing ingredients (for example, ceramides, which mimic the natural lipid barrier, or hyaluronic acid, which seals in moisture).

Third, use sunscreen. You will not believe, but the sun’s rays in the winter can be more dangerous than the summer. Because not everyone pays attention to it, but it should be. So you can avoid numerous skin problems.

Fourth, don’t forget about the extra nourishment of the skin. The most effective are vitamin C and ferulic acid. The latter is a plant compound found in cereals. With their help, the skin will recover faster and more efficiently. Therefore, when looking for funds for the winter look for those in which there is vitamin C and ferulic acid. However, their concentration should be reduced.

Fifth, before you go out, use nourishing creams. In any case, it is not moisturizing!

And finally, you can apply compresses to relieve the skin condition. For example, if red nose, wipe it with a warm decoction of Linden heart-shaped, two to three times a day. This should be done one hour before the frost. In this case, it will be effective and compresses infusion of the flowers of chamomile. And with blushing cheeks, you should use a lotion of a decoction of Arnica Montana.