The use of mushrooms. Learning how to harvest and cook with the mushrooms

Use mushrooms is in a balanced composition of all biological components. Proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in mushrooms are in such proportions that are well absorbed by the human body. But in order to maintain the beneficial properties of mushrooms, it is important to prepare correctly. We offer to your attention useful advice on how to cook mushroom dishes, while retaining all useful properties of these truly unique products.

You will be wondering: is it Possible to get poisoned by edible mushrooms?

Mushrooms contain proteins, fats (about 1%), carbohydrates (3%), as well as the required human macro – and micronutrients potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, cobalt. The mushrooms are quite high in protein (some varieties are not inferior to the beef), but with virtually no fat, so the dishes from them can be considered dietary.

In fungi detected 18 of the 20 amino acids that are the building blocks of body cells. In addition, rich in mushrooms and vitamins (A, B1, D).

Some species of mushrooms have strong medicinal properties. For example, the white mushroom is effective against E. coli and Bacillus, and chanterelles, and some species of Russula are able to suppress the multiplication of staphylococci. Mushrooms are useful in gout, headaches, and liver disease (especially good for the liver chanterelles).

Women will appreciate the anti-cellulite properties of mushrooms. Mushrooms contain a lot of potassium which rids the body of excess fluid and prevents the appearance of orange peel effect, and copper, which makes the skin more elastic.

To the mushroom dishes will delight you during the winter period, it is important to prepare them correctly. The best way to keep all the beneficial properties of mushrooms is drying. For drying mushrooms are not washed, but merely cleaned, cut into slices and hung on a strong thread (in this case make sure that the mushrooms are not in contact).

The best way to dry mushrooms in the open air, but in urban areas a permanent gas it is hardly possible. So many Housewives dried mushrooms in a special dryer or in the oven. Drying can be finished when the mushroom pressing it does not release juice and break.

Also a common way of storing mushrooms is preserving and pickling. It is important to close the mushrooms in the jars as soon as possible after their collection. Before canning mushrooms should be peeled and then sort them by types. Keep canned mushrooms need a cool dark place.

Mushrooms in a sauce with Parmesan and garlic

White mushroom is called the king of mushrooms. It can be used for the preparation of delicious soups, broths, add in a variety of dishes and sauces. Good white fungus and fried, especially potatoes and greens.

Cream soup of porcini mushrooms with garlic

Mushrooms are incredibly tasty baked (julienne, casseroles, etc.), and within soups, pies, salads and other dishes.

Fried mushrooms with cheese is recommended as an exception.

Mushrooms themselves have a almost neutral taste, so perfectly blended with any other products as a part of stews, pies or casseroles. But especially mushrooms marinated. Thanks to its neutral taste, you can close the mushrooms with the other mushrooms (milk mushrooms, small birch and aspen).

Hearty and flavorful oyster mushrooms are good fried and in salads and vegetable dishes.

Oh and not to speak about all your favorite mushrooms. According to many nutritionists, these mushrooms help the body fight cholesterol. The energy of this mushroom is 27.4 kcal per 100 g, which allows the use of mushrooms in a variety of diets and do not deprive yourself of necessary proteins, minerals and vitamins. Diabetics can also eat these mushrooms, because they do not contains sugar and fat.

The content of B vitamins in mushrooms are higher than in fresh vegetables, especially Riboflavin (B2) and thiamine (B1), which helps to prevent headaches and migraines. And contained in the mushrooms Pantothenic acid (B5) helps to relieve fatigue.

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Mushrooms are widely used in cooking. In many national cuisines of the mushrooms included in the many types of dishes. These mushrooms are fried, stewed, baked, fried, grilled, steamed and broiled. They make great mushroom sauces, gravy, soufflés and soups. In General, we can say that mushrooms can enhance the flavor of any dish.


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