The human face with age, loses the symmetry

The man’s face loses the stability of its forms as you age. Research has shown that facial structure with each passing decade, become more and more asymmetric.

With age our face becomes less symmetrical, at times getting a round more oval shape, and sometimes blurring, as shown by research scientists from the United States. They found that for every 10 years of life change the structures of the face are 0.6 mm. Such findings are made after using the three-dimensional digital images evaluated the images of the faces of one and the same person, made over a long period of time. Although changes in the forms of the faces were not too significant, they still could be seen, especially if you look to the lower two-thirds of the face ranging from the eyebrows and nose ending with the tip of the chin.

In General, the researchers analyzed the faces of 191 people aged from 4 months to 88 years. The use of advanced computer technologies made it possible to detect even faint changes in facial symmetry, make up a fraction of a millimeter. It is possible that the results obtained will be used for aesthetic and plastic surgery. Today, plastic surgeons do not pay much attention to symmetry of the face when conducting procedures for rejuvenation. In the future this situation may change.

Note that since then, plastic surgeons take into account not only facial wrinkles, but the amount of fat under the skin. With age, this figure the person is reduced, making the face seem skull, covered with leather. Even if there are no wrinkles, visible rejuvenation effect is not obtained, And therefore are the most successful combined operations, which smooth wrinkles and injected under the skin of a certain fat reserves. (READ MORE)