Some water wash better for the skin?

Should ask this question on the Internet, and you will see a huge number of recommendations. Face suggest to wash only with strictly mineral or boiled water or go without water and to use ice. But what is really better for the skin?

Mineral water.This water is known to contain useful minerals. It would seem that to improve facial skin such water is a great choice. But the doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist Elena Kovtunov recalls: the top layer of skin is a keratinized epidermis. The substances contained in the mineral water through it will not penetrate and some special use in skin rejuvenation or healing mineral water probably won’t bring.

At the same time it is soft water, it may be suitable for those who have skin is very sensitive, prone to allergic manifestations. Also mineral water may be a little narrow pores with oily skin.

Sparkling water. According to him, in comparison with water, this water is softer and cleaner. But if you expect an effect of improvement of gas bubbles in water, it is unlikely to happen. As if someone claimed that carbonated water is more useful for the improvement of skin tone is not so, says beautician.

Ice. Wiping the skin with ice cubes can make it more elastic and toned. In addition, this procedure can be more useful than a normal cleanser if you have problems with oiliness and rashes (especially if it has been prepared from water with the addition of herbs with anti-inflammatory effect). But it is important to remember that the skin does not always react favourably on the ice – factor hypersensitivity and individual characteristics is always present.

Boiled water. Boiling softens the water, which can be useful for skin that is irritated and shrinks due to washing, water from the tap. But at the same time, the boiling strips the water of minerals, salts of magnesium and potassium, which are present in it. Washing with boiled water can be “weaned” the skin from the effects of these substances, and, therefore, the risk of possible allergic reactions when confronted with them will increase dramatically.

The beautician said that the most useful thing to wash with water at room temperature. Tap water is generally not harmful for the skin. The problem of stochasti dry skin after washing, helps to solve the failure from regular use of deep cleansing and the application of micellar water and tonics.

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