Russia is facing an epidemic of obesity

Every third adult in Russia suffer from obesity. Such disturbing data lead experts of the Ministry of health and specialized research institutes. The number of people with obesity continues from year to year to grow. What can be done to change the situation and what mistakes in behavior lead to such serious consequences?

The numbers are not encouraging

In 2017, the number of Russians who were diagnosed with “obesity” has increased compared to the previous year by 6%. The specialists say that obesity affects not only the adult population. The Ministry of health gives the following figures: in 2014, 100 thousand children had 1108,4 case of obesity. In 2017, the figure has already reached 1258,9 case.

So what’s the deal? Why, despite the active promotion of healthy lifestyles, the number of cases of obesity is not decreasing but increasing?

The welfare of the population

Experts have directly linked the increase in the number of people with excess body weight with the welfare of the population. As indicated by the CPS, in the daily human diet should be at least 15 names of various products to the food was varied and balanced. It often happens that at the average Russian in the diet dominated by simple carbohydrates, including potatoes and sweets. And they trigger the release of insulin, which holds fat molecules in the cells. Hence, the excess weightthat simple carbohydrates accumulates very quickly.

The lack of a regime

Diet is what we are taught to respect in my childhood, but the fact that many people lose in adulthood. So, an adult needs per day to have four meals:

  • Breakfast – 30% of daily diet
  • Second Breakfast – 15-20%
  • Lunch – 35-40%
  • Dinner – 10-15% of daily diet

If a person is inclined to completeness, it is recommended to do 5-6 meals a day. The same recommendations pertain to older persons. The main thing – not to starve during the day and not “miss on the run”. Usually with these meals, we get “empty”, but it is extra calories.

The lack of balance

A balanced diet is the proper ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Although the distance is large enough, the General principle is that carbohydrates in the diet must be most.

In the preparation of the daily diet can be guided by the following “corridors” numbers: proteins – 10-35% of daily norm of consumption, fats 20-35%, carbohydrates 45-65%.

Thus it is necessary to consider the following important nuances:

  • The amount of simple carbohydrates (sugar, sweets) must not exceed 20% of the total amount of carbohydrates.
  • Animal protein should be at least 50-55% of total protein.
  • The percentage of vegetable fats should be about 30% of the total amount of fat.

The Ministry of health offers

The health Ministry has sounded the alarm and develops a set of measures for the implementation of nutrition programs among Russians. In particular, the Ministry proposes to organize a network of canteens with a healthy and diet food, providing incentives for producers of healthy foods limit time show on Russian TV advertising of junk food to label products in stores healthy diet. Including great attention is paid to nutrition of preschoolers and schoolchildren.

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