In Canada, plastic surgeons were able to transplant the face

In one of the hospitals of Montreal was successfully carried out the first in this country, the face transplant, told the TV channel CTV. Patient of surgeons, 64-year-old Maurice Desjardins, seven years ago lost a significant part of persons in the tragic case of the hunt.

After 2011, a stray bullet had deprived the man of a normal person, he went through several surgeries to restore his damaged appearance of the doctors and failed. The patient felt constant pain, was forced to go to the mask. The only solution to return to a normal life could only be transplantation.

It is reported that face transplant was conducted by Maurice Giardino in may. It was preceded by five years of preparation, including psychological as well as search for a donor and obtaining consent from his family.

“Transplantation of the lower face took 30 hours and was successful. In total, the preparation and conduct involved more than 100 experts, including doctors, their assistants and nurses,” – said at a press conference the head of the operation, a plastic surgeon from Montreal, Daniel Borsuk.
Within four months, the doctors observed the process of survival of tissues. Currently passing through the transplant in may, Desjardins can already breathe through my nose, chew and speak with new jaws. Speaking about the patient, the doctors noted that “he leads a normal life.”

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