Curious court decision: number of Raphael must be indicated on pack

The confectionery manufacturer Ferrero and has to write according to the will of the judiciary, more detailed amount of information on his chocolates packs. In the concrete case it was a pack of Raffaello, from the outside, although the individual chocolates, but not the specific number was visible.

A weight on the bottom of the judges of the higher regional court of Frankfurt held not to be sufficient, and demanded in which on Friday published the judgment an indication of the number of individual chocolates.

It was important in the context that the sweet balls are individually packaged. According to the court, applied food information regulation, the EU’s capacity in this case, the total net and the total number of individual packages are called.

Plastic dividers are covers of “help”

Ferrero had sleeves, the plastic in the lower court as a candy-wrapping paper-similar “separation assistance” and negative consequences of such a judgment warned. “The implementation of such a judgment would pass to the practice and would have an impact on the whole of the confectionery industry”, had argued the company in the first instance before the regional court of Frankfurt. The OLG judgment, no opinion was first.

Against the decision or Revision may be made to the Federal court of justice. Had sued the Hessian consumer advice centre. A spokeswoman welcomed the ruling as a further step to more transparency while shopping. Consumers can compare better.