5 fitness mistakes that make almost all

That was not painfully hurt for aimlessly spent hours of training, check to see whether you make these errors:

1. Squeeze the maximum out of ourselves

When you come to the gym, you motivated and enthusiastic. Want as quickly as possible to blind himself of a Greek God (or goddess). Practice every day, count every calorie, get up at 6 am, in the name of fitness can bear.

But it’s not working. The more you will come up with restrictions, so before the enthusiasm runs out, and the faster you will throw everything – so people are arranged. And in a sense these sufferings there is absolutely no three workouts a week and eating a balanced diet is all you need for perfect shapes.

2. I believe that you are your own best coach

Fitness it as a medicine. When applied correctly, will improve your life and health if incorrect – only harm. And, as in the treatment needs a doctor, also in sports need a coach. It will constitute the training program that will teach you how to handle the equipment and, most importantly, teach techniques of exercise. Without it, you will train for nothing, at worst you will ruin the joints, the spine and get injured.

If you can not deal with the coach, learn the technique of performing exercises alone. Fortunately, the Internet is full of free lessons, and the camera on your smartphone allows you to look at yourself from the side.

3. I think that after you workout you can eat anything you want. Especially if the dishes are useful

Say, if a physicist wrote a book about losing weight, there would be only one thing: consume less energy than you expend. You can even live in the gym and eat the best food, but if you do not follow this rule, you do not lose a single gram.

But to dramatically cut back on the calories too. So of course, you will lose weight, but where your body will take strength to workout? He slows the metabolism and begins to burn muscle. Will lean but lethargic, angry and flabby. Reduce the calories by 20-30% from the norm, not more.

4. Ignore the warm-up

When the body is not ready to load, to achieve good results. It has not yet warmed up, the muscles wooden, and the body from heavy loads a little bit going into shock. And you’re at risk for injury.

Warm-up increases the mobility of the joints, accelerates blood circulation, increases the elasticity of muscles and makes your body many helpful things. Without them, training will be effective not only useless, but dangerous.

5. Ignore weight training and just doing cardio

On the power burns less calories than cardio, it’s true. But. After cardio this process stops, but after the power loadings continues for another 36 hours. Without any effort.

In an hour, “isotopes” workout you lose 500-800 calories. That’s a lot, but to lose 1kg of pure fat you need to burn 7700 calories. Long will have to train. And even then, it all makes sense, provided that you don’t get the calories with food. And the appetite after cardio wolf.